Aussie Lamb and Texas de Brazil: Get Grilled on Lamb 2017 Promotion

True Aussie Beef and Lamb partnered with Summit to create a campaign to showcase their product in the Texas de Brazil restaurant chain.  The objectives included:

  • Showcase Texas de Brazil's superior ingredients such as Australian lamb
  • Engage Texas de Brazil's audience via multiple channels
  • Support selection of Australian lamb in Texas de Brazil restaurants
  • Increase e-newsletter subscriber database
  • Drive awareness
  • Add value to the True Aussie Beef and Lamb and Texas de Brazil relationship

Texas de Brazil and True Aussie Lamb partnered for the Get Grilled on Australian Lamb sweepstakes.  Texas de Brazil guests read "source to plate" articles about their selection of Aussie lamb from the menu and then answered trivia questions to win prizes.  This sweepstakes was promoted through weekly newsletters, social media, and in restaurant collateral.


The sweepstakes total entries increased from 13,739 in 2014 to 68,038 entries for 2017.  Entrants also were subscribed to the Texas de Brazil e-newsletter.

The Get Grilled on Australian Lamb sweepstakes promotion achieved 120,000 unique views on social media. 

The promotion not only achieved a Facebook reach of 49,100 but also achieved almost 5,000 total engagements over seven social posts.